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UK Prepper Forums

So, I thought I’d go for a browse at the state of play and one took my eye. Bit different from last time, the rules and regulations about what can be written, and thought, are typically UK aka Very PC, … Continue reading

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UK Policing Update

A report by the HM inspectorate of Constabulary has found:- This number missing. 1012 rapists 343 killers 45,960 wanted suspects on the database were being sought for theft and one in eight for violence. That and 67,000 people suspected of … Continue reading

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Hunter Gatherer to Slave.

When the world was young, the only “profession” was that of a hunter gatherer. Hunter gatherers are literally that. They go out, foraging, scavenging, and hunting for what they need with any surplus used for trading. Very dependent of the … Continue reading

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