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UK housing shocker.

Who comes first, us Brits or refugees? Stupid question really as:- A £400,000 seven bed house owned by ‘social housing’ has been reserved for Syrian refugees. It used to house needy youngsters who mysteriously are no longer needy. There is … Continue reading

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Foraging 1. The fortress preppers nightmare.

What is a fortress prepper? That’s a person whose sole mission plan is to go into lock-down and only leave their facility when the emergency is over. Thus they are totally reliant on their stores and equipment they have built … Continue reading

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The Bare Necessities.

As usual I’ve been reading other people’s wisdom about prepping. The level of expertise and depth of knowledge from some is truly impressive. AND VERY WORRYING (Because I didn’t appreciate how much I don’t know). Only as explained to another:- … Continue reading

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