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Oh look, no human rights B.S.

A bomb blast ripped through a busy St Petersburg supermarket on Wednesday afternoon injuring 13 people. The Russian President confirmed the attack was an act of terror as he warned security forces to take no chances with their own lives … Continue reading

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Swept up in Theresa May’s paranoia

Daily Mail, NICK ROBINSON: Vladimir Putin is using fake news just like tanks and missiles…and from Brexit to Catalonia his goal is to weaken the West. Yawn. Want fake news? You’d be reading the right paper if you believed this … Continue reading

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Never fails to impress does he?

BBC reporting: Trump Russia: US ‘in peril over president’s stance’. Two former US intelligence chiefs say Donald Trump’s stance on Russian meddling in last year’s presidential election is putting the US at risk. What some call a loose cannon. That’s … Continue reading

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Prudent Thinking

VLADIMIR Putin took the long way round to get to the G20 summit in Hamburg, flying an additional 300 miles to avoid entering the airspace of several NATO countries, it has been reported. Personally I don’t blame him. NATO members … Continue reading

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Supposition and the WP

Apparently there is a WP report out that says without any doubt Putin ordered “interference” with the US’s 2016 election. Even down to a PowerPoint like presentation of the ‘facts’. Only here is the rub. It was known about over … Continue reading

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Yet again a proper world leader sums up the stupidity.

Vladimir Putin on the US Paris withdrawal: Don’t worry, be happy! And he said it with a smile.

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