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Road Trip!

The little car was washed, vacuumed, fluids checked, tires kicked, refueled, and it sat there looking forlorn as I programmed in the GPS. It knew what was coming. More miles, driven gently by SWMBO, and a nutter i.e. ME! So … Continue reading

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Knackered, physically and mentally

05 h start. As always a restless night and no pain meds as being stopped when driving having sucked opiates (prescribed or not) is a well big fine and possible loss of license by DUI. So tired and sore from … Continue reading

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Today has been frustrating

There is something like 10 MAJOR aggregator property search engines in the UK. And they all do things slightly differently. For example:- A house in one displays trailers and park homes in another. The word detached can apply to flats … Continue reading

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We went, looked, raved, and came home.

Today it was Realtors, (Estate agents) lying to us about the merits of property in their written sales brochures, on-line, and words from their mouths. Property that didn’t exist, already sold, waiting contracts, or trying to rush people into a … Continue reading

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