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Calling garage gunsmiths.

I’ve stripping a PCP (pre-charged pneumatic) and found the previously shiny striker block worn down to the base metal and well grubby. Cleaning is OK as I use #0000 grade wire wool but I’ve got two questions for you. Is … Continue reading

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Handyman Training. An important part of prepping and survivalism The Norwegians call them altmuligmann. My host explained it to me as an “all things possible man” after I asked him why he kept calling me that. I thought it quite … Continue reading

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Sewing fingers

Not┬áliterally, although I did manage to stab myself a couple of times,┬ábut last night was spent sewing up seat covers for the boat. Some 2 hours worth of continuous needling. The end result looks OK and I even got the … Continue reading

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Maintenance and Repairs

What priority do you assign to carrying out maintenance and making repairs? For example, my basic repair list goes:- Safety Issue. A “no brainer” really isn’t it? Immediately is not soon enough. Operational Issue If I work round it and … Continue reading

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O Rings

In prepping? Yep because you find them in all sorts of odd places. Water bottles, gas stove fittings, fuel bottles, fitted in equipment to keep out the damp, and not forgetting my faithful air weapons as breech seals, various air … Continue reading

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Misplaced Loyalties

This is about when loyalty overrides commonsense. What’s your view on the vehicles you own? Are they tools or part of the family? We’ve had quite a few over the years and have always had to adopt a “one for … Continue reading

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