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Foraging 1. The fortress preppers nightmare.

What is a fortress prepper? That’s a person whose sole mission plan is to go into lock-down and only leave their facility when the emergency is over. Thus they are totally reliant on their stores and equipment they have built … Continue reading

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What is Long Term?

I’ve spoken about this before but it sort of cropped up in a radio program today with a solar scientist talking (strangely enough) about the sun. At first it was just the wrong side of interesting aka:- Then the interviewer … Continue reading

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Do you need a long term plan?

There is something a bit fanciful about planning what you are going to be doing in a grid down scenario that lasts for a long time. It reminds me of what a friend once said:- Why do you worry about … Continue reading

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Thinking in threes

It’s a re-run of the survival rule of threes as it seems that when a few people hear galloping they are thinking ZEBRA and not horses. Too many minds is an expression that is applicable when problem solving for many. It … Continue reading

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