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Will someone please change the record!

The FBI and Britain’s National Crime Agency (NCA) have deployed officials to work with Qatar to investigate the apparent Russian hack, CNN reported on Tuesday night. Oh please, not again! This tired out, overused, boring tune, sounds more like target … Continue reading

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WTH is this all about

US sends B52 bombers to UK to bolster defences against Russian aggression. (Fri, Jun 2) Bolster defenses? How exactly are they going to do that journalists? Will they stop a cruise missile or even a RHIB with half a dozen … Continue reading

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You just can’t stop it can you?

(NBCnews.com) The United States launched an airstrike against pro-Syrian forces who advanced inside a “de-conflicted zone” Thursday even though Russia urged them not to, the U.S.-led coalition said. They were the good guys idiots. Only not yours apparently. Be careful … Continue reading

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Invasion prevented

HMS Somerset escorted a Russian submarine through English Channel The frigate, based in Plymouth, followed vessel over the weekend Commander Tim Berry said mission part of ‘ongoing effort to protect nation’. Wow. Protect the nation? What did they think would … Continue reading

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A troll I actually like

THE RUSSIANS HAVE TROLLED Theresa May after she accused Brussels of meddling in our Election. What was it they said? I do find that funny.

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Russia enters the game

SPOTTED: Putin ‘moves military forces’ to North Korean border as world prepares for WAR. VIDEO has been released (on social media) allegedly showing a mass military mobilisation in Vladivostok, Russia, just eight miles from the border with North Korea, as … Continue reading

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Poodle Johnson is dismayed?

Boris Johnson has said he is “dismayed” at Russia’s veto of a UN resolution condemning the use of chemical weapons in Syria. The foreign secretary urged the country to stop acting “as a lifeline for Assad’s murderous regime”. Probably shouldn’t … Continue reading

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