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Tainted Evidence

Ex-Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn pleads guilty after lying to FBI. And then if by magic:- Michael Flynn ‘willing to testify’ against Trump as part of plea deal. The Anti-Trump brigade will be dancing round their desks in delight, … Continue reading

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Swept up in Theresa May’s paranoia

Daily Mail, NICK ROBINSON: Vladimir Putin is using fake news just like tanks and missiles…and from Brexit to Catalonia his goal is to weaken the West. Yawn. Want fake news? You’d be reading the right paper if you believed this … Continue reading

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WW3 threat has a new tale of woe

‘Vastly outnumbered’ US troops could ‘LOSE A WAR’ against North Korea, US Chief warns. US TROOPS are vastly outnumbered and under supplied if World War 3 with North Korea breaks out, Lieutenant General Jan-Marc Jouas warned in a leaked letter … Continue reading

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The new boy shows his ignorance

BRITAIN is to send RAF Typhoon jets to Vladimir Putin’s doorstep as Nato vows to boost its military might to combat “assertive” Russia. The announcement was made by new UK Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson, who said four of the fighter … Continue reading

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Syria, another US loss. Who’s next?

After Russia, Iran, Iraq, Syria and the Kurds win the war the US / UK couldn’t. Saudi Gulf affairs minister Thamer al-Sabhan said the Lebanese government would “be dealt with as one that is declaring war on Saudi Arabia” because … Continue reading

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Russia thinking about its Cuban military base

Two key advisors to Vladimir Putin have publicly urged the Russian President to re-open their Cuban base. Russia shut down the Lourdes SIGINT Station in 2002, but advisors have called for the key military facility to be made active. And … Continue reading

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Friend or foe

Fun isn’t it (not). Not knowing who would stand with or against Korea when WW3 starts in earnest. We did however get a clue today.Russia, like China, are not fans of the US. Who can blame them with all the … Continue reading

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