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Reflecting on the Status Quo

History:- After 40+ years, I thought it time for a clean up of my notebooks. I was going through early BMPC (Before Microsoft and Personal Computers) survival notes before this new fangled Internet thingies arrived, (which I was pretty certain … Continue reading

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British? You’re on your own!

Two British couples breathed a sigh of relief when they saw soldiers turn up in jeeps to rescue stranded holidaymakers from the ruins of their hotel on the island of Saint Martin. But their relief turned to dismay when the … Continue reading

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Feedback following our move

It’s been interesting the feedback we’ve been getting about our decision to move on. Ten weeks ago we left a marina that was emptying fast following a management decision to force out the residential boats. In that time quite a … Continue reading

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Musing about being too old to run

When you figure everything out, if you’re too old and knackered to run, the choices you will make may only have two conclusions. You live or you die. Survival is a game of chance. You can load the odds in … Continue reading

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The Bare Necessities.

As usual I’ve been reading other people’s wisdom about prepping. The level of expertise and depth of knowledge from some is truly impressive. AND VERY WORRYING (Because I didn’t appreciate how much I don’t know). Only as explained to another:- … Continue reading

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Time for a rethink.

I’m pretty much done with things now. After all what can I write about which is new and fresh? Look at any survival / prepper  blog and all you’ll basically see is re-writes of FM 21-76 The US ARMY SURVIVAL … Continue reading

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A Disconnect

In my mind there is a fundamental disconnect between the basics (the theory) of survival and the realities of surviving in an urban or even semi rural environment after a disaster.

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