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President of lost causes

Donald Trump commits more US troops to Afghanistan and calls on Britain to follow suit. RU-Fk’g DEMENTED or What! The West has already lost the Afghanistan War like EVERY OTHER peacekeeping, liberating, anti communist, anti Taliban, anti Mujahideen, anti-whatever, force … Continue reading

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Scary time

RUSSIA and China have developed a plan to put an end to North Korea’s repeated threats and are urging the US the join them. It’s getting a bit tiresome. The world knows North Korea is dangerous but making constant threats … Continue reading

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Supposition and the WP

Apparently there is a WP report out that says without any doubt Putin ordered “interference” with the US’s 2016 election. Even down to a PowerPoint like presentation of the ‘facts’. Only here is the rub. It was known about over … Continue reading

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Will someone please change the record!

The FBI and Britain’s National Crime Agency (NCA) have deployed officials to work with Qatar to investigate the apparent Russian hack, CNN reported on Tuesday night. Oh please, not again! This tired out, overused, boring tune, sounds more like target … Continue reading

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Delusional Mayors

Or maybe just upset about being called out. London Mayor Sadiq Khan has accused Donald Trump of seeking to divide communities in Britain after the US president used social media to criticise his leadership following the attack on the nation’s … Continue reading

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Double standards in wall building

TURKEY plans to build huge walls along its borders with Iran and Iraq as President Recep Tayyip Erdogan mounts a security crackdown. (Link) I’m betting the international community will approve of this. Meanwhile Trump still isn’t allowed to protect the … Continue reading

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The stupidity of US Military leadership

DONALD Trump has been urged to send up to 5,000 troops to Afghanistan in an aim to crush the Taliban insurgency in the country. The US military have sent recommendations which they claim smash the stalemate more than 15 years … Continue reading

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