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Internet Censoring Starts Soon

This is kinda important. Theresa May (UK) and Macron (France) are going to force Internet providers to install automated censorship on all web traffic or face heavy fines. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/uk-and-france-announce-joint-campaign-to-tackle-online-radicalisation No joking, the link above is the UK Government website for … Continue reading

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8 minutes too late

It took 8 minutes to shoot the terrorist bastards down. That’s 6 life’s worth of time. 13h GMT. UPDATE:- Another soul has been lost so the death toll is seven. Why aren’t we allowed to carry personal weapons? One trained … Continue reading

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Two things that can cause conflict

No money and homelessness. BRUSSELS has admitted that one in four people inside the EU are on the verge of poverty, amid growing concerns that the European project faces years of instability. (Eurostat estimates that 19.121 million men and women … Continue reading

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WTH is this all about

US sends B52 bombers to UK to bolster defences against Russian aggression. (Fri, Jun 2) Bolster defenses? How exactly are they going to do that journalists? Will they stop a cruise missile or even a RHIB with half a dozen … Continue reading

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Weekends here, everything is safe.

MI 5 reveals there are 23,000 terror suspects as Met Police boss says a ‘large part’ of Manchester bomber’s network have been rounded up so Britons should ‘go out and enjoy yourselves’. Interesting. If you are talking about a minor … Continue reading

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There’s a war coming

Civil war in the US? Some say it’s already started. People are blaming the gun culture of the US but I’m blaming the political, race, and religious divisions that never went away and have proven conclusively that the politics of … Continue reading

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UK Prepper Forums

So, I thought I’d go for a browse at the state of play and one took my eye. Bit different from last time, the rules and regulations about what can be written, and thought, are typically UK aka Very PC, … Continue reading

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