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Road Trip for 2017

To visit a sick relative and to stay with our friend for Christmas, who is more like family than family! 06 h start, icy, slippy, basically horrible, and in the dark. Arriving at his house 310 miles later, in pouring … Continue reading

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The gun amnesty continues

I wrote about the UK’s latest gun amnesty a while ago but this time the publicity stunt comes from Guernsey Police. That’s a tiny little island 25 sq miles worth, just off the French coast. A real hive of international … Continue reading

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Blade City.

Blood on the streets of London as 24th youth is killed this year – the highest for decade. Eighteen stabbed to death, 5 were shot (by illegal guns). Number 24? He was killed by a car. And none of them … Continue reading

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UK’s Defense Drip Speaks

The all new Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson opened his pie hole and spouted:- The UK will “do everything we can” to lessen the “massive threat of North Korea”. Let’s be under no illusion that North Korea isn’t a threat to … Continue reading

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Syria, another US loss. Who’s next?

After Russia, Iran, Iraq, Syria and the Kurds win the war the US / UK couldn’t. Saudi Gulf affairs minister Thamer al-Sabhan said the Lebanese government would “be dealt with as one that is declaring war on Saudi Arabia” because … Continue reading

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Short memory?

Writing in today’s Guardian, Mr Puigdemont wrote: “Catalonia is right now the only territory in the European Union that has been denied the supreme law its citizens voted for; the parliament that its citizens elected; the president that this parliament … Continue reading

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A crisis growing for 4 million plus

They call it universal credit (UC) in the UK. A new benefit that changes the way a lot of welfare is paid. One payment instead of lots of little ones. Only there is a problem. I’ll get to that in … Continue reading

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