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All Poles are welcome?

A British model was kidnapped and held captive in Italy for six days, police have said, by a man who reportedly intended to auction her on the dark web. A Polish national with British residence has been arrested on suspicion … Continue reading

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Giving money away

UK taxpayers are forking out £317,000 in aid to save coconuts in the South Pacific. The cash is being spent on projects in Samoa, Fiji and Papua New Guinea just in case crops vanish. £317,000 JIC. I wonder how many … Continue reading

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British Gas greed.

ENERGY giant British Gas has confirmed it is set to increase electricity prices next month in a move that will affect around 3.1 million customers. Confused why a gas company sells electricity too? It’s a UK thing where the base … Continue reading

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Desperate for manpower

UK defence chiefs have backed transgender people serving in the armed forces after President Donald Trump announced they are to be banned from the US military. They would. Desperate for man (or whatever) power, with recruiting at joke levels let … Continue reading

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How knife safe is the UK?

There was a knife amnesty in the county of Essex recently. Think of a state that is only 1,270/sq mi in size, and about 2 million live there. Anyway the amnesty is when the law-abiding and criminals get rid of … Continue reading

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Who’s Britain gave in?

Britain CAPITULATES? UK finally accepts it WILL have to foot a bill for Brexit. Screams the headline. OK there are two points here. Britain, GREAT Britain, doesn’t agree with paying off these leeches at all! However the make-believe state called … Continue reading

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UKIP still speaking sense

All but destroyed by the sheeple vote during the snap election, UKIP have sat quietly (well sort of) in the background watching, like many of us are, the farce that is the Brexit negotiations. Then today they issued this thought. … Continue reading

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