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Foraging 1. The fortress preppers nightmare.

What is a fortress prepper? That’s a person whose sole mission plan is to go into lock-down and only leave their facility when the emergency is over. Thus they are totally reliant on their stores and equipment they have built … Continue reading

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Profits must be down.

Finally reaching the point where electricity companies can’t squeeze anymore money out of the civilized world, they now turn their attention to those who couldn’t pay anything even if they tried. JUST over 1 billion people, or around one in … Continue reading

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Drinking Flood Water.

The end of our flood! Not bad, 3.92 metres. We were expecting worse but the river rise is slowing to only a couple of millimetres in the last hour or so. So if it doesn’t rain, that’s it, until next … Continue reading

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Distilled Water

What is it? Distilled water is water that has had many of its impurities (dissolved minerals and biological matter) removed through distillation. Distillation involves boiling the water and then condensing the steam into a clean container. Myth Time Firstly lets … Continue reading

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Survival as master class in selfishness?

A discussion about responsibilities. You can’t save everyone so save who you can. Can’t remember who said that to me but it left its mark. Over time that has evolved into a practical rule of life. Where there are only … Continue reading

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General requirements per person p.p  per day, 1 gallon, 4.5 litres p.p/15 days, 15 gallons, 68 litres All water should be considered unsafe until purified. Do not use: Roadside and field drainage, streams or rivers down stream from a town, … Continue reading

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Stale Air.

The air weapons for my work have been stored all “winter” in their warm, dry cupboard. Only my main tool for accurate work is a pre-charged pneumatic Daystate Harrier. With the lighter HW35K Weihrauch as my general everything else “springer”. … Continue reading

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