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Sci-Fi Hype

I do love a good sci-fi story and even better one that promises to cure the world of evil. So when NBC News delivers an ‘in depth’ article on the US microwave (aka CHAMP) cruise missiles they are going to … Continue reading

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WW3 threat has a new tale of woe

‘Vastly outnumbered’ US troops could ‘LOSE A WAR’ against North Korea, US Chief warns. US TROOPS are vastly outnumbered and under supplied if World War 3 with North Korea breaks out, Lieutenant General Jan-Marc Jouas warned in a leaked letter … Continue reading

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Another ELV prediction

ELV (Extinction Level Event) Earth ‘will become a flaming ball of fire by 2600’: Professor Stephen Hawking warns that mankind must make plans to leave the planet to avoid extinction. Let me see, I would be 645 years old. So … Continue reading

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Thinking about Trumps WW3

Russia, China, Iran, and of course the DPRK. Tell me, is there anyone Trump hasn’t p#ss#d off big time? So I’ve been refreshing myself about thermonuclear war survival for the past week and I’ve come to realization that we will … Continue reading

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WW3 and nothing flies

  The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (BBMF) Spitfires, a Hawker Hurricane and Lancaster Bomber kept out of the air as a ‘issue was found with A PIN‘ in the Hawker Hurricane’s Rolls Royce Merlin engine. So make a few … Continue reading

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Unintended Consequencies

While the US is tear-arsing round the world threatening everyone, it seems calmer minds are looking on. Syria. Russia slaps Tillerson around, Iran supports them, and for Assad it’s business as usual. The UN are ground to a halt by … Continue reading

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