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Unintended Consequencies

While the US is tear-arsing round the world threatening everyone, it seems calmer minds are looking on. Syria. Russia slaps Tillerson around, Iran supports them, and for Assad it’s business as usual. The UN are ground to a halt by … Continue reading

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Time for Reflection

In two ways. Firstly it’s difficult to get wound up when you are puttering along at 3 knots up a river. It’s very therapeutic, you, boat, low rumble of the diesel, and all things nature positively brimming around you. OK … Continue reading

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Words of War

The EU-US’s newest puppet state speaks out:- “We don’t want to scare everybody, but we are preparing for full-scale war,” warns Vadym Prystaiko – Ukraine’s deputy foreign minister “what we expect from the world is that the world will stiffen … Continue reading

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Two Dates I’m watching

Sleep finished but before going fishing, I want to discuss these TWO DATES. First Day of Spring 20 March 2015 UK’s General Election 07 May 2015 1. The first Day of Spring 20 March 2015 The traditional desirable GO date … Continue reading

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The UK’s “special” relationship

  Ahhhh, Sweet Both hanging on every word uttered by the other. Best buddies in a world THAT DOESN’T LIKE EITHER. That “special relationship” renewed. Until MAY 2015. Yet again the UK being set up as the Patsy. How so? … Continue reading

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Tin Hats Everyone

All the talk is of WW3. Anyone would think people actually want it to happen. IDIOTS that they are! Personally I’m hoping calmer minds will prevail although the two main protagonists US & EU haven’t a complete brain between them. … Continue reading

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I should be shocked but I’m not

On wchildblog was a blog about the ramping up of tensions in the Ukraine still further by NATO deploying tanks. If correct, the tweets that follow should make all but the very stupid take a long, slow, shuddering breath. The … Continue reading

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